ISO 14001 environment management system – Kuwait city

About Kuwait city
Kuwait is one of the important country in GCC states, the currency of the country called Kuwaiti dinar is among the highest value in the world. Kuwait city is the capital of Kuwait. The country is sixth largest for oil reserves, according to World Bank, Kuwait is four


ISO 14001 – Environment Management System

ISO 14001 is a standard published by ISO – International Standard for Organization which lays down the requirements for having a management system for environment. The standard was last revised in the year 2015. ISO 14001 is a generic standard and can be implemented in any organization irrespective of its nature and size of business. We the human beings are so selfish that we thinks only to take everything from environment and in return don’t wish to give anything back. We have been blessed with abundance of natural resources from the nature and we only exploit the resources for our sake but never think about building effective environment system. Our environment is consisting of Flora and Fauna, all living and non-living organisms. On a daily basis we interact with environmental aspects and never pay a heed on the adverse impacts caused on the environment. Since because of this ISO has developed a standard dedicating to environment so that the corporates as a socially responsible community should pay attention and protect the environment.

How to conduct Management Review according to ISO 14001?

Below we are going to discuss how to have management review in the organizations, the information on to conduct management review according to ISO 14001. So basically ISO 14001 is about delivering promise to your client's expectation, the old version of ISO 14001 standard which was published in the year 2008 management review is in clause 5.6, now it's moved down to clause 9.3 in the new standard with the restructuring of standard we are calling it annex SL, all the national standards have the same flow so management review typically been dropped right to the bottom now actually that in the market place in terms of yes that's the human behavior in terms of the flow but we get together and we come up with a strategy and you know in business that are startups that's ultimately what's happening that you know the founders got this idea this very hungry crowd in the that want the particular product or service and then we start with business so under 9.3 we are going to start there world talking about the top management reviewing the organizations environment  management system it talks about planned intervals it talks about making sure that things you know continues to be suitable which is adequate its effective it's aligned with the strategic direction of the organization and it says that this all about the environment  management system but they hang on a minute let stop this is just the way we operate what if we about the fact that the environment  management system might exist in one part of the business why don't we just talk about how you operate how you do things around here so to do is we want to work is what we are doing the way that we give instructions to the people in the business the system is that helping us aligning with our strategic direction you might be starting to change into a different suite of services you might be going more online more customer service even you might be less of your own products more of someone else show the intent of this Clause is actually take that time to say well whatever our goals what was it that we wanted to do now you might not have written all of the bullet points down in your business plan you might have just had the ideas in your head you know and we are actually going in that direction


How to get ISO 14001 certification in Kuwait City?

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